Millwork and Wood Working

582 Nixon Street
Jacksonville, FL. 32204
Wood Dept: (904) 981-8011
Plastics Dept: (904) 387-0438
Fax: (904) 387-0430

How we Work At Custom Craft Millwork

Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm. Saturdays by appointment.

A typical project in either wood or plastic requires a minimum of 50% deposit before materials can be ordered or work started, with balance due at material pickup or delivery.

The deposit could be more for more exotic woods, materials or extensive labor.

We will provide a completion date estimate at the time of deposit receipt.

Florida residents will be charged Florida state sales tax unless a tax exempt certificate is provided.

Custom Woodwork

Large Scale Projects

Large scale projects usually require an additional draw schedule, agreed upon by customer, for periodic payments as the project moves along toward completion.

We accept all major credit cards, a convenience fee of 3% is required for charges over $5000.

We have created numerous prototypes for our customers, some prototypes are expensive to design and time consuming to create. A prototype charge will be agreed upon before work or production can be started.

Custom Woodwork

Give us a call or email us at to discuss your needs, and we can turn your ideas into cost effective finished product ready to use or market.